Transformational Change

Change is an integral part of all companies performance these days. Standing still is no longer an option. But delivering change and making it ‘stick’ is the differentiator for companies today. 70% of change initiatives don’t achieve their objectives according to McKinsey.

One key reason behind that is underestimating the impact on your people. If you fail to bring your people with you, you waste time, money and end up no further forward.

Do you have plans for significant change within your company? Are you acquiring or merging with another business? Are you restructuring, perhaps to manage costs more effectively, maintaining quality or bringing in new products and services?

Previous client change projects have included:

  • A large scale restructure of a leading university’s health faculty, aimed at improving the student experience and providing career progression for professional services employees.
  • Merger of two companies with complimentary products, securing a far higher market share, efficiency of back office operations and high growth plans for the next 3 years.

I will help you to deliver successful change through my operational expertise and an understanding of the impact of change on employees and stakeholders. I can partner with you to support your change agenda, ensuring that your project teams and managers have a change plan that delivers an engaged and positive workforce, a key factor in delivering successful change and maintaining productivity.


As my business name suggests, I will work with you to get straight to the point to help you to manage the change your company needs. I offer an initial review, where I work with you to understand your business needs and people strategies.

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