Company Growth and Development

All companies, as they grow and develop, experience frustration and pain. ‘It used to be so much simpler’ is a phrase you often hear from business leaders. But it’s a fact that success and growth bring complexity.

Are you able to attract and recruit new talent into your company? How do you make sure they have the same commitment and values as everyone else? Is the start-up culture that has worked so well for you so far now getting lost?

Bringing in new employees can start to challenge the culture and the ways things are done.

I support companies with practical people strategies and tools to help overcome those barriers. These include improved communication, team working, decision making, employee engagement and your ability to recruit and retain talented employees.

Typical client problems I have helped with include:

  • Improving productivity through developing strong values and behaviours that support recruitment, training, engagement and performance standards. It’s brought clarity to who to recruit, what high performance is and how to get the best from the training budget.
  • Improving recruitment and talent management with the development of a strong employer brand and agile recruitment processes. It’s brought new talent into the company, reduced numbers of staff leaving and recruitment costs and improved the company profile.
  • Supporting the executive team through a merger with a cohesive people strategy and the creation of a common culture and leadership team. There’s been a far quicker collaboration between the two companies and quickly brought new opportunities and a return to the bottom line.

As my business name suggests, I work with you to get straight to the point, to help you to manage the change your company needs. I offer an initial review, where I work with you to understand your business needs and people strategies. 

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