You may wonder how I focus on such a large sector of organisations. Well, the fact is that for any ambitious business, the price of success can be high. Growth brings problems with diluted communication, delegation, leadership across growing teams, added bureaucracy and loss of agility.

From the start up phase to the more mature organisation, fast growing SMEs reach points on their journey where things that were once so easy, are now more difficult. Gaining agreement, making decisions and keeping true to the culture of the company which was once so clear, all now seem more complicated.

In the 2017 Annual Scale Up report on SMEs, two of the biggest barriers to high growth companies scale up success continue to be the ability the recruit the right talent and the management capability of the senior team.

You’ll likely have brought new people into the business but more people means additional roles, many ideas and less agility. How do you create the infrastructure that’s needed, with efficient processes, without losing sight of your ethos?

You may need new thinking and skills to support your growth or you may need extra hands to manage the changes you need to make. Either way, by partnering with you, understanding your business model and goals, we deliver clarity to the people side of the business, that is so critical to your continued success.

I have worked with a variety of SMEs – from tech companies, retail and software development, through to veterinary practices. I understand the needs of SMEs on the high growth pathway to maintain their success, respond to customer demands, all whilst coping with internal people challenges.

Here’s an example of how I supported a high growth SME to overcome its growth problems through a reorganisation of its infrastructure and some targeted team development.


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