Higher education

With a solid track record in higher education (HE), I have an in-depth understanding of the issues the sector is facing.

Universities are under increasing pressure with funding, student feedback and the Excellence Frameworks in Research and Teaching. Combine this with student fees driving the increasing demand for value for money courses, greater efficiency in curriculum delivery and the growing HE competition and you have a sector facing unprecedented change.

From large scale restructures, transformational change projects, TUPE transfers and supporting senior leaders in the development of performance management frameworks, through to creating new HR service functions, leadership development, coaching and supporting new ways of working, I know HE well. In a sector that now needs to look at driving rapid change across a diverse work force, HE is now recognising the need for change agents and that’s where I come in.

I have worked with Russell Group and Post-92 universities, supporting change through leading and supporting the people side of large and small-scale change projects.

Here’s how I supported a top Russell Group university with a complex restructuring project.


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