Client Stories: Leadership Development

EPublishing Client Story – Leadership Development

I worked with a global publishing company, leading the work to align their culture and values to the new strategic goals they had developed.

How I helped

Redefining their values and culture to support their business goals meant redefining the behaviours, skills and competencies of their managers, from the senior team down to first line managers and supervisors. Working with the senior executive team, we worked through the skills and competencies required for the new world at a senior, middle and junior management level. These were then also developed into behaviours that became part of the language of managers, informed recruitment and selection of new leaders, talent pathways, development. Developing these behaviours and competencies into a development programme was done via a 360 feedback process and this helped to shape the development programme for around 60 managers.

The Outcome

Designing the development programme supported the embedding the new culture so that leaders, managers and employees could see visibly what the company expected and rewarded in good leadership.

It allowed the company to effectively scale up to meet its growth goals – effective managers who were confident in their ability to recruit the right people meant time and money saved and less opportunities lost.

With competent managers and employee engagement significantly improved, teams were more productive and individuals were contributing more.

Leadership Capability became a key metric in reviewing performance and developing a positive approach to high performance.

Health Care Client Story – Leadership development

A large and complex Health Care contract was won by a private provider, triggering a large transition for the employees and managers into new ways of working, new culture and new leadership expectations. My work began eight months into the new contract where the management team were struggling to adapt to the new culture.

 How I helped

Supporting the MD in developing the senior team was a key priority. Moving into a commercial environment was a significant change in mindset, skills and drivers and the senior team needed to be equipped with both a knowledge of their own ability to manage change but to also act as change agents in some critical transformation projects. Using Myers Briggs, I gave the senior team insight into their own preferences, styles and ways of working. Understanding change, how to create a positive environment for change and driving a change agenda was also a key factor in supporting the teams with some extensive changes, involving new ways of rostering, mobile working and creating one stop ‘hubs’ to improve patient navigation through various interdependent health care teams.

The Outcome

The senior team were equipped with skills and knowledge to positively tackle change projects. Insightful and confident leaders allowed the transformation agendas to progress, at pace and achieve improved patient experience.

Financial security was achieved through successful completion of change projects that brought about new ways of working and related cost savings.



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