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Could your business do with some help?

You’re a rapidly growing company and are now employing more people…

Are you struggling to get the best talent through the door?

How do you keep your people motivated? Are they engaged and onboard as the span of control gets wider?

Do your leaders and managers have the skills to confidently manage their teams?

Perhaps you’re further into the company’s growth journey, with a range of different teams, roles and management layers emerging…

Have your teams turned into siloed functions? What’s happened to teamwork and collaboration?

Have success and growth really brought frustration and inertia?

Or are you planning some significant change like a restructure or merger…

Why are your people seeming indifferent or disengaged?

Help?! Why is productivity so hugely down and staff turnover dramatically up?

Help is at hand…

2 The Point helps businesses translate growth and change into sound and practical people strategies. Rooted in a ‘no nonsense’ approach, I will help you to demystify the people issues and stumbling blocks in your business.

So whatever your people challenges are, if the above resonates with you, I’d love to help get your business back on track to rapid growth.


Bristol based with national reach

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