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Company Growth & Development

All companies, as they grow and develop, experience frustration and pain. ‘It used to be so much simpler’ is a phrase you often hear from business leaders. But it’s a fact that growth brings complexity in communication, decision making and commitment. What you have now are far more people involved in delivering that same product. What is it about your company that keeps your growing number of staff engaged, motivated and committed now and in the months and years to come?

Company Culture

For growing companies, culture is something that develops organically as the company grows. It’s how people behavior and make decisions, their priorities and loyalties, the processes they use, the way they communicate and relate to each other. Built on habit, values and norms, it get passed on from employee to employee. Successful companies have developed a positive culture, constructed to complement their strategy. Why? Because strategy alone will not bring growth and success and it won’t invite the talent you need. When people don’t work in an environment that they value and feel committed to, they will limit their input or even unwittingly undermine a great strategy. A strong culture brings loyalty, resilience and an agility that will differentiate your company from its competitors. It is your employer brand and the best form of advertising and recruitment….and its free. A positive culture is infectious and everyone wants a part of it. And finally, most importantly, culture impacts positively on the bottom line.

Employer branding

Developing your culture means that you have the basis of a compelling employer brand. This will leverage your ability to attract and retain your talent and potential for the future. Being proactive in developing your brand brings focus to your offering as an employer and a sense of identity for your employees. It saves money and is one of your best tools for building your future talent.

As the names suggests, we like to get straight to the point. To help you start to build that culture, develop that brand and plan your people strategy, we offer an initial review , where we get to know your business and show you the steps to get you started. If you want to know more , please contact us on 07773342084 to arrange a planning meeting.